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We can advise and assist you with your VAT, seeking and getting professional assistance before your VAT is due could eliminate a huge expense if it is wrong. We can help with: ♦ VAT tax planning ♦ Contacting the VAT office on you behalf to deal with any queries or disputes that arise. ♦ Help with inspections and visits ♦ Advise on the most suitable VAT scheme for your business



The VAT rates and thresholds are as follows:

From 1 April 2013 1 April 2014
Lower rate 0% 0%
Reduced rate 5% 5%
Standard rate 20% 20%
Registration turnover £79,000 £81,000
Deregistration turnover £77,000 £79,000
Acquisitions from EU member states, registration and deregistration threshold £79,000 £81,000

Changes from 2014

  • VAT treatment of prompt payment discounts given by suppliers

Changes from 2015

The Government will consult on changes to the VAT rules in the following areas:

  • Zero-rating of work to adapt cars for use by disabled persons
  • VAT avoidance scheme disclosures
  • Reverse charge for buyers of gas and electricity - not domestic customers